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Sovrum och säng med sänggavel och prydnadskuddar
Colette lampa - Designad lampa i tyg som från Systrarna Axelsson
sekelskiftes stol med tyg och prydnadskudde från

Systrarna Axelsson

Systrarna Axelsson is your creative partner in crafting spaces to thrive and feel good in. We are two sisters with a passion for interior design and a solid experience spanning over 25 years. Our shared journey began in Halmstad and brought us to Stockholm, where we founded Systrarna Axelsson AB with a clear goal:

We help you bring your vision to life and fulfill your interior design needs.

We are more than just interior designers. We are sisters who have shared a lifelong love for textiles and design. Our inspiration comes from our home, where our mother often crafted beautiful creations when we were young. Our initial foray into the world of interior design started with upholstering furniture and sewing curtains in our own little studio.

After a few years, driven by our passion for textiles, we opened the fabric store Les Tissus Colbert. For 20 years, we offered high-quality, extra-wide fabrics, and it was here that we began consulting in textiles and taking on interior design projects.

What we do

ceramic bowl with flower petals

Online Store

Björkvik guest chair

Interior design

art box on the website.jpg


Yellow lamp on TV table. Odette lamp


burk med färg och pensel

Color coordination

Kitchen and Bath

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We have a unique combination!

At Systrarna Axelsson, we are deeply passionate about crafting homes and offices infused with the perfect energy. We believe in translating your vision into tangible reality and assisting you in shaping spaces where people not only flourish but also experience a sense of well-being. Our extensive experience, our profound appreciation for textiles, and our unwavering devotion to design are the driving forces behind our work. Together, we co-create interior designs that don't just radiate beauty but also offer functionality and long-lasting quality.

What sets us apart as interior designers is our comprehensive expertise in both the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. We possess a wealth of knowledge in assembly and sewing, complemented by our proficiency in guiding you through fabric selection, quality assessment, and color choices. We have an innate ability to discern what works and what doesn't. Our proficiency allows us to orchestrate a harmonious interplay of furniture, colors, and art, resulting in environments that make a profound impression on people.

stuvbitar av tyg från Systrarna Axelsson

About Systrarna Axelsson

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